Josh Jacobs is a certified Residential Energy Inspector

Josh Jacobs has HERS certification for the Energy Star program

Joshua Jacobs is a member of the Residential Energy Service Network

Josh Jacobs is certified with the Infrared Training Center


Welcome to Certified Building Analysis

Whether you are planning on selling your home, remodeling, or just want to reduce costs and be more “green”, Certified Building Analysis will conduct a full diagnostic on your house -- your own personal environmental system.

Even when the average heating system is functioning properly, only about 70%to 80% of your home’s heating dollar reaches you; the rest is lost through air distribution and heating appliance efficiency. Add in leaky ducts , un-insulated pipes, poor wall/attic insulation and energy efficiency is further reduced.

A building energy analysis is about more than just reducing energy costs and energy usage. It’s also about safety, health  and comfort as well. As part of the in-depth diagnosis of your home evidence of any mold, carbon monoxide or moisture are inspected for and evaluated.

Using  state-of-the-art diagnostic tools -- including thermal imaging and blower door tests -- Certified Building Analysis will conduct a total home energy audit. A detailed report with recommended repairs or changes is given to you. A follow up visit is performed after repairs are completed to assess the results and ensure problems have been addressed.

Certified Building Analysis is committed to energy sustainability and your satisfaction. Whether you just want to solve an ongoing problem or just want to be more energy ‘savvy‘, Certified Building Analysis is the right partner for you.

Joshua Jacobs is a certified HERS Rater


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